Excimer Laser Treatments

Excimer Laser Treatments

Dermatology Solutions now uses Alma Lasers' 308 EXCIMER SYSTEM, a handheld system for intense monochromatic UVB therapy. With its wavelength of 308 nm, this system is an effective treatment solution for autoimmune diseases of the skin such as psoriasis and vitiligo.

Laser Treatment

Clinically proven effectiveness

  • intense, monochromatic UVB therapy with the optimal wavelength of 308 nm
  • as effective as an excimer laser
  • lesion targeting of localized lesions for safe and fast treatments
  • spot size up to 16 cm² for quicker treatments even of large areas
  • variable dose thanks to power densities between 50 and 6,000 mJ/cm²

Treatment Benefits

  • pain-free treatment, no downtime
  • visible results after only a few sessions
  • maximum protection of healthy skin through lesion targeting
  • supersedes time-consuming radiation of the whole body